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Trisha Pickelhaupt is a freelance filmmaker based in NYC.

Originally from Buffalo, NY, she graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2021.

She is particularly inspired by films that blur the lines between reality and fiction, personal narrative-based storytelling and dramedy.

You can hire her:
  • to direct, film, or produce your micro-documentary, digital commercial, music video, or behind the scenes
  • to AD or AC on your film set or assist on your photoshoot
  • for freelance editing projects (she can edit in Premiere Pro, mix sound, color grade and create animations in After Effects)


P.S. Trisha goes by Trish among friends. When she’s not working, Trish enjoys attending concerts, rollerskating, painting, browsing Vimeo, cooking, live comedy, travel, and having a go at crossword puzzles.

previous clients include